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Microscope FAQs

A microscope is an optical instrument used to view extremely small objects, which are difficult to be seen by the naked eye.
What are the different parts of a microscope?
The major parts of a microscope are the lenses, the tube, the arm, the illuminator, and the stage. Two kinds of lenses are used ? eyepiece lens (ocular) and the objective lens. Both the lenses are connected using the tube. The place where the viewing object is placed is called the stage. The arm connects the stage and the lens. A microscope has two adjustment knobs, which help to focus the lenses.
How does a microscope work?
The object or the specimen is kept close to the objective lens, so that the light from it focuses around 160 mm inside the microscope. This creates an enlarged and inverted image of the object. The image is then directed straight into the eye with the help of the ocular or the eyepiece.
How to use a microscope?
Place the specimen on the microscope stage and fix it with stage clips. Turn the coarse focus knob to bring the objective lens close to the specimen. Then, adjust the illuminator and diaphragm by looking through the eyepiece. Slowly turn the adjustment knob, until the image is focused.
What are the different types of microscopes?
Basically, there are three types of microscopes: electron, confocal, and compound. Electron microscopes are sophisticated magnifying devices using a high energetic beam of electrons. They can be further classified as scanning electron microscope (SEM) and transmission electron microscope (TEM). The confocal microscopes use a laser beam to illuminate the objects. Compound microscopes are the simplest type of microscopes. In this, the object or the specimen is illuminated using bulb light or light from the sun. Depending on specific applications, you can choose from portable student microscopes, surgical microscopes, metallurgical microscopes, measuring microscopes and industrial microscopes.
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