Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Optical Cable

Optical Fiber Systems in Long Range Radio Communication

The importance of long distance optical fiber, radio scripts.
Fiber-optic technology has improved considerably in recent years. This is really one of the newest technology that is used in front of the current point. Played an important role in communication brought innovation recommended.Communication systems, data transmission, using this technology to increase cable TV, factors that contribute to the effectiveness of these areas.

The basic idea of optical system of scientific and engineering applications. Rays are sent in the form of optical equipment data. Given the speed of light, you can speed data transfer rate. High-speed data and contributed to the rapid and effective communication in various fields to transfer to a large extent. Total internal reflection technology "used in this technology is called. This is the optical signal was included in the main thread will be more effective than other systems this system. These signals are generally low in other systems. That is why she used the long-Ñ -distance data transmission. more waste than conventional methods, and one of two long-distance data is one of the reasons for the use of transmission.

Optical structure

Welcome optical communication scenario is currently being used, there are many different types. Base of light, there are two layers of a single cable. Known as a major center of the chain. Over the core strands in the form of light signals. Protective shield, the core is known as a lining.

The main functions of the shell. The main feature that protects the kernel from the extreme failure. Coating also acts as an internal reflection of the border to allow for total internal reflection. This is an important factor, you can also travel to the right signals to the destination.

Benefits System

The traditional way of sending data over fiber-optic technology and has many advantages.Significantly reduce the signal loss is one of the most important advantages of this technology.Fiber, not case-sensitive magnetic barrier, often occurs with conventional metal wire transfer.The data is then sent through a significant increase in the system. Most of the technologies and components used to guarantee the quality of communication.

This technology, transport, equipment and components used to reduce the weight below the cost of processing costs. Improve the safety performance of the two systems is an important aspect. One factor is the lack of radiation, that technology is making popular.

Fiber technology will spark more secure than traditional methods. Significantly contribute to the security features protect the shell. Economic efficiency is a safe alternative system.

However, the great advantage of remote wireless communications, this technology could be introduced.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fiber Optical

Advantages of Fiber Optical

Optical Relay is quick to the choice medium for television and telecommunications systems to send data network.
Fiber optic cable has the benefits and advantages over traditional methods of information systems, such as copper or cable pairs.

What are the advantages that this technology is much better than metal or call one of the benefits of the signal to light, the speed and performance of the system. Sure to go much faster than the electric lighting (eg metal wire) to the. Welcome to quickly and data. In addition, fiber optic capacity for more bandwidth than the original more.

Line pair for the known weaknesses of e-magnetic interference that might be less effective. Lens fiber, but not influenced by external electrical signals, because the information to set the fire.The immunity to electromagnetic interference with other services. better than metal boxes and lines.

Lighting to the security than previous methods. Lines can filter data from magnetic interference.By reducing the radiation monitoring, this means sending the lens to do difficult and today is the safest method for transmitting data. .

Optical systems are also one of the safest methods of transport in the fire too. Mode of delivery of metal wire sparks to cause short circuits and fires in some cases. The chain instead of electric light to proceed. Signaling a possible electrical fire from the do not. This fact enables a secure fiber optic cable, especially when compared with the danger line options.

Fiber optic systems are more efficient than copper media and a loss of much information. This can be combined with optical fibers and designed to reflect the principles of total internal use only.

Coating used in the science of sending power also increases the efficiency of transport. Due to this innovation, with total internal reflection is the interference between the cable-No.

Fiber optic data system has proven to be a better choice of traditional media like copper wire and cable pairs. New technology development, these roads will provide the more efficient in future ensure that the site of television and telecommunications industries. Data network.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Optic Cable

The Fundamentals of Fiber Optic Cable Management

Optical fiber cables are often used today for telecommunications networks and telecommunications, because the high bandwidth and high reliability and relatively low cost. To maximize network performance, and a good fiber cable management system be established. There are four basic principles of good fiber cable management system:

1st bending radius limit

Fiber bends above the minimum bend radius is signal loss or even the pulp suspension, making a break in service. Today, the industry standards for conventional single-player mode is usually a minimum bend radius of ten times the outer diameter of the cable sheath or 1.5 "(38 mm), whichever is greater, and this new form of flexible single mode optical fiber has the ability to significantly reduce reduce minimum requirements of this curve with a radius of less value, 0.6 "(15 mm), depending on the composition of the cable, without an increase in anesthesia.

Reduce the bend radius of the fiber is able to more bends in frames, panels and tours resist. It also increases the reliability of the network and reduces downtime of the network.

2nd and clear guide wire

The main reason for the fiber optic cable minimum bend radius is a violation of incorrect routing technologies and devices, optical fibers. Routes must be clearly defined and easy to follow. In fact, be so designed that these paths have no other choice than technical route cables correctly. If the option is given to technologies, and avoid contradictory decisions when duties are sending a wrong result, and cause a hole in the radius of curvature. Clear guidance paths, uniform photosynthesis, and training, and less time needed for optical techniques.

3rd of easy access to the installation of fiber

And offers easy access to the installation of the fiber is essential for maintaining proper bend radius protection. It is a system designed to ensure that the individual fibers can be installed, or easily removed without negative impacts on the surrounding fiber.

4th on the Physical Protection of installing fiber

Management system must include measures for the physical protection of fiber optic cables with accidental damage to equipment and facilities. Otherwise, the reliability of the network and negatively.