Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Optic Cable

The Fundamentals of Fiber Optic Cable Management

Optical fiber cables are often used today for telecommunications networks and telecommunications, because the high bandwidth and high reliability and relatively low cost. To maximize network performance, and a good fiber cable management system be established. There are four basic principles of good fiber cable management system:

1st bending radius limit

Fiber bends above the minimum bend radius is signal loss or even the pulp suspension, making a break in service. Today, the industry standards for conventional single-player mode is usually a minimum bend radius of ten times the outer diameter of the cable sheath or 1.5 "(38 mm), whichever is greater, and this new form of flexible single mode optical fiber has the ability to significantly reduce reduce minimum requirements of this curve with a radius of less value, 0.6 "(15 mm), depending on the composition of the cable, without an increase in anesthesia.

Reduce the bend radius of the fiber is able to more bends in frames, panels and tours resist. It also increases the reliability of the network and reduces downtime of the network.

2nd and clear guide wire

The main reason for the fiber optic cable minimum bend radius is a violation of incorrect routing technologies and devices, optical fibers. Routes must be clearly defined and easy to follow. In fact, be so designed that these paths have no other choice than technical route cables correctly. If the option is given to technologies, and avoid contradictory decisions when duties are sending a wrong result, and cause a hole in the radius of curvature. Clear guidance paths, uniform photosynthesis, and training, and less time needed for optical techniques.

3rd of easy access to the installation of fiber

And offers easy access to the installation of the fiber is essential for maintaining proper bend radius protection. It is a system designed to ensure that the individual fibers can be installed, or easily removed without negative impacts on the surrounding fiber.

4th on the Physical Protection of installing fiber

Management system must include measures for the physical protection of fiber optic cables with accidental damage to equipment and facilities. Otherwise, the reliability of the network and negatively.

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