Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fiber Optical

Advantages of Fiber Optical

Optical Relay is quick to the choice medium for television and telecommunications systems to send data network.
Fiber optic cable has the benefits and advantages over traditional methods of information systems, such as copper or cable pairs.

What are the advantages that this technology is much better than metal or call one of the benefits of the signal to light, the speed and performance of the system. Sure to go much faster than the electric lighting (eg metal wire) to the. Welcome to quickly and data. In addition, fiber optic capacity for more bandwidth than the original more.

Line pair for the known weaknesses of e-magnetic interference that might be less effective. Lens fiber, but not influenced by external electrical signals, because the information to set the fire.The immunity to electromagnetic interference with other services. better than metal boxes and lines.

Lighting to the security than previous methods. Lines can filter data from magnetic interference.By reducing the radiation monitoring, this means sending the lens to do difficult and today is the safest method for transmitting data. .

Optical systems are also one of the safest methods of transport in the fire too. Mode of delivery of metal wire sparks to cause short circuits and fires in some cases. The chain instead of electric light to proceed. Signaling a possible electrical fire from the do not. This fact enables a secure fiber optic cable, especially when compared with the danger line options.

Fiber optic systems are more efficient than copper media and a loss of much information. This can be combined with optical fibers and designed to reflect the principles of total internal use only.

Coating used in the science of sending power also increases the efficiency of transport. Due to this innovation, with total internal reflection is the interference between the cable-No.

Fiber optic data system has proven to be a better choice of traditional media like copper wire and cable pairs. New technology development, these roads will provide the more efficient in future ensure that the site of television and telecommunications industries. Data network.

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